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Claraeon Learning started with the mission to prepare the workforce of the future, by imparting technology-based holistic education to learners of all age groups across social strata and geographies. Exelytic is our operational excellence platform for schools, designed to transform the operational processes of schools with its advanced resource planning, fleet management, and security management features. Our focus is on providing operational and academic excellence solutions to schools, helping them seamlessly manage operationally heavy processes. Contact us to learn more about our mission and vision.


Claraeon the best online learning management platform vision is to prepare the workforce of the future by imparting technology based education to students from all social strata through emerging technologies like AI, immersive & interactive delivery, and personalized learning paths so that industry gets future ready human resources fully trained on cyber-physical systems. 


With Technology driven academic and operational solutions, Claraeon aims to ensure engaging learning experiences for students, improved academic and operational performance of schools and accelerated achievement of goals for teachers.